Does Fabriclear Really Work?

Bedbug signs are few and far between unless you are really looking for them. Unfortunately, most people aren’t even aware that their home has been taken over by bedbugs until the first bed bug bites begin to appear on a family member. Usually, by them your home is crawling with these little nocturnal horrors and fighting an infestation can be an uphill battle. Finding a safe and effective product that can kill those bedbugs isn’t easy which is why many people are asking if  FabriClear really works? Before that question can be answered there are a few things that you need to understand about bedbugs themselves.

Bed Bug Lifecycle

An adult bed bug can live 10 months or longer. During that 10 month period they can have up to 500 offspring. These offspring go through 5 phases before they reach adulthood, and need to feed on blood in order to continue to growing. In addition, it is not unusual for up to 3 generations of bedbugs to all be living in your home during a one year period. This means that it is almost impossible to get rid of bedbug contamination with a single treatment no matter how effective that treatment may be.

Bed Bug Bites

Since bed bugs only come out and feed at night, it is impossible to know if you have bedbugs unless you experience bed bug symptoms which is usually a reaction to the bed bug bite itself. These symptoms include, bites that are normally in a line, called the breakfast, lunch, and dinner pattern, that appear on the face, arms, hands and neck. These bites are normally red with darker red centers and often itch.

Bed Bug Bites Vs. Hives

People often mistake bed bug bites for other insect bites and even for hives. Which is only natural since an allergic reaction to these bites can cause individuals to break out in hives. However, if you go to sleep bite and hive free and wake up in the morning covered with hives or what appears to be hives then you should suspect bed bugs and look for signs that may prove you right.

How to Find Bed Bugs in Your Home

If you have what appears to be a bed bug bite then the first thing you need to do is a search for signs that bedbugs are in your home. Start your search with your bed and bedding. Look for any small signs of blood or skeletal remains on your bedding. Tiny dots of blood from a crushed bedbug or a bed bug bite are difficult to see unless you are looking for them. You also need to exam your mattress, box springs and all the nooks and crannies of your bed for signs of skeletal remains or bed bugs eggs. If you see any signs at all, chances are that you have a much larger bed bug infestation than what you can see with the naked eye. You need to do something fast, and this may mean reaching for that bottle of Frabiclear.

Does Fabriclear work?

FabriClear product

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Which now brings back to the original question. Does Fabriclear work? It is hard to give a definitive answer to that question because the common treatment for bedbugs is a high heat treatment which while effective may not be affordable. Fabriclear is a bed bug spray that consists of safe ingredients that is said to kill bedbugs on contact and to help drive them away.

Many of the Fabriclear reviews are less than positive, but that may be due to the fact that spraying your bed and other fabrics with fabric clear may kill the bed bugs lingering there, but won’t do anything to those bed bugs that are hiding in tiny cracks and crevices in your walls, stands, and other furniture.

Since at least 50% of the users of fabriclear get positive results, we can only assume that this product works, but that you may need to use several applications to get all the bedbugs that are hiding or you may need to use it in conjunction with steam cleaning your walls. Wood furniture, and floors to eliminate those bedbugs that are hiding.

One thing is clear. Most people report an end to bed bug bites after using fabriclear on their beds, which is a clear indication that this spray does indeed kill bedbugs on bedding and other fabrics.

How To Prevent Bed Bugs

For many years – actually for many decades – bed bugs have been known as human parasites. These little parasites were almost wiped out in the the developed countries during the 40’s. However, during the mid 90’s , they somehow reemerged in those areas. People that live in highly crowded places have higher chances of ending up with bed bugs. If you travel and stay at hotels there is a possibility that you will bring back some unwanted guests to your home. They will simply leech onto your clothes where they will successfully hide or even lay eggs and then accommodate in your home. Afterwards, they will hide in various places, most likely close to the beds. They love corners and dark crevices.

 “Goodnight sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite. If they do hit them with your shoe until they are black and blue.”

Bed bugs are nocturnal beings, they feed mostly from 10pm till 6am which makes it hard to detect them before they do some damage. They can inflict skin rashes, psychological effects, and allergic symptoms when they feed on humans. So how to prevent them? How to save yourself and your family from these nasty, tiny insects? Here are some simple and effective suggestions that can help you in preventing your home from an infestation.

Know Thy Enemy

Not all bugs in your house are beg bugs. Though it is not good to have all sorts of insects crawling in your home you need to know how a bed bug looks like. Bed bugs are reddish-brown with a flat, oval body that is approximately 6.35mm long. Knowing thy enemy is the first step when it comes to preventing bed bugs.

bed bug found

Trips, Hotels, Away From Home

There is a possibility that you will bring bed bugs in your home if you stay at hotels or resorts because the frequency of people visiting there is high. A few key things that you need to remember is that you should keep the luggage off the ground or place it in the bathroom if possible because bed bugs are least likely to be found in the bathroom.

Immediately inspect the room. Start with the bed, the sheets, the corners, take a look beneath the bed. Next you should inspect the objects near the bed, the counter, drawers, electrical plugs, curtains etc. If you notice evidence of bed bugs you should demand another room, preferably 2 floors away from this room because chances are that the bugs may spread via the wallboards or electrical sockets.

After you come back home make sure that you wash and dry your clothes at high temperatures before using them again.

Bedbugs in Hotels

Clear The Clutter

Most people, when the topic of bed bugs is brought up, immediately think that the reason for their existence is filth or dirt. They are absolutely wrong. One of the reasons why you can end up with bed bugs is cluttler.

The reason is simple, clutter leaves plenty of great hiding spots for the bed bugs. They love crevices, corners and cluttler will provide them with lots and lots of corners and dark spots. The solution is simple, clear your clutter and have a non-cluttered home that will make the prevention or the treatment of bed bug infestation much easier.


Inspect Your Place

Even if you follow these simple rules you could still end up with bed bugs. A neighbor, a friend, a relative may come to your place to visit you; he may carry bed bugs on his clothes that may end up staying in your home.

We just can’t stop such things. So what can we do?

Simple, do routine inspections and make sure that your home is not a cluttered mess.

Once a week is enough.

Start with the furniture, bedrooms and closets need full attention, check places you have never even thought of checking, like behind the alarm clock or between the speakers. Electrical sockets, your desktop computer, stereo, counters, almost everything needs to be thoroughly inspected.

How to prevent bed bugs


Act Immediately

If you suspect that your home is infested with bed bugs then you need to take action – the sooner the better.

You could call the pest control and have them solve the problem but my issue with pest control is that they will most likely use different kind of toxic chemicals that could potentially have some harmful effects. But still, if you believe that you can’t resolve the problem by yourself feel free to call them.

If you want to take matter into your own hands then remove the sheets, wash and dry the clothes on high temperature, rub alcohol on visible bed bug places and use a steam cleaner.

Another thing that you could do is use natural products for bed bug extermination. One such product that is worth mentioning here is FabriClear

Mosquito Bites vs Bed Bug Bites

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Bed Bugs Bites Vs Mosquito Bites
Insects like mosquitoes and bed bugs bite to feed on the blood. In order to be able to feed on the blood they inject the body with anti coagulants. Usually it is these anti coagulants that cause the bite to swell and to itch. When it comes to mosquitoes and bed bugs there is a difference in the way that these bites show up on the body. Both these insects bite in order to feed on the blood in your body. Usually the visible effects of the bites are a raised red lump which may itch for a few hours to a few days. The bites of both bed bugs as well as mosquitoes are almost the same in appearance and at times are difficult to tell apart. One of the ways to tell the bites apart is to watch the bites closely and looking for patterns or waiting for further symptoms to appear or the bites to vanish.

Mosquito bites usually are isolated and are singularly located while bed bug bites are usually found in clusters on the body typically in a line of three. The raised welts of mosquito bites almost always itch, though the itching might stop in an hour or two while on the other hand bed bug bites may or may not itch, but if they do itch that itch can be terrible and may last for some days and the itching could get worse.

Another difference between mosquito bites and bed bug bites is that mosquito bites look like small flat pimples and can be felt immediately after a mosquito bites you and these bites vanish in a short time while bed bug bite symptoms do not show up immediately and may take a few days before you notice them, the the more bites you have the quicker you will be able to see them.

One other way to distinguish mosquito bites from bed bug bites are the climatic conditions. Mosquitoes usually are not around to bite in extreme cold and extremely hot conditions while bed bugs are usually in the house and are not affected by these conditions. Also when it comes to mosquitoes you can find many different kinds of repellants which help to repel the mosquitoes and thus avoid being bitten, on the other hand when it comes to bedbugs there aren’t any repellants available to avoid being bitten by them if there is an infestation.

Mosquitoes are usually prevalent in the woods or around stagnant water and in the shade while bed bugs infest the house and are usually found in the mattresses or in cracks and crevices in the house. You can prevent yourself from getting mosquito bites by using a mosquito repellant when out in the open but when it comes to bed bug bites the only way to prevent them is to get rid of the infestation. You may have to get the help of a pest control company to get rid of bed bug infestation.

I have investigated about different products in the market to get rid of bed bugs naturally and I’ve found FabriClear as the most popular, with all natural ingredients. Based on the customer reviews that I have found it seems to be working for many people, but it will work for you ?  If you would like to get rid of bed bugs or to prevent them to appear at your home you should check this FabriClear Review.

How to Check for Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a huge issue within dwellings of all kinds like homes, hotels, apartments, dorms, cruise ships and other shelters. It’s not only their presence that gives headaches to most people. Bed bug feces and bed bug bites are only some of the many problems these bed bugs cause. Finding them and eventually exterminating all of them would be your last resort to comfort.

How do you know you have Bed Bugs?

How To Find Bed Bugs

How To Find Bed Bugs

The best way to learn if you have bed bugs in your dwellings is to provide a real sample of the actual bug. Do not assume that any bite you receive came from a bed bug. Bed bugs are not the only insect in your dwellings that bite. Do bed bugs have wings? Yes, it does. But their wing’s too tiny for them to take flight.

You probably have bed bugs infestation in your place if you frequently have bite marks on your body. Where do bed bugs bite? Bed bugs usually bite on the lower part of the body like arms and legs. However, it depends on where the bed bug is lurking. Bed bugs don’t choose where to bite someone – it bites as it wants to do it. If you’ve noticed dark spots on your bed sheet or sofa, then bed bugs might be present in your place. These spots are bed bugs feces and skins.

Bed Bug Bites vs Mosquito Bites

The difference between the two is hard to tell. It looks almost the same. The best way to find its difference is to look at them closely. Bed bug bites often cause small lumps while mosquito bites are flat like pimples. Mosquito bites are easy to learn because its symptoms vanish in a short period of time. Bed bug bites’ symptoms don’t show up after a few days of exposure. Mosquito bites are commonly isolated while bed bug bites come in clusters.

How does Bed Bugs Bite look like?

Bed bugs are tiny insects but cause big problems to many. It doesn’t only take away the comfort, but it also gives pain to anyone bitten. Bed bug bites don’t typically itch, but if it does itch, the itch becomes unbearable that you scratch it until it results to wounds.

how bedbugs bites look like

how bedbugs bites look like

Bed bug bites look like rashes or small red bumps. Unlike mosquito bites, bed bug bites come in numbers and are usually aligned to each other or have a pattern. No particular dangerous diseases are associated with bed bug bites, so there’s nothing much to worry about.

Does FabriClear Work?

FabriClear offer

FabriClear Spray 100% Natural

FabriClear will clear your dwellings from bed bugs. Not just for your rooms in your house, the product works at any places like school, offices, hotels, etc. Excellent customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

FabriClear Consumer Reviews

FabriClear is sure to relieve you from bed bug infestations. With its high customer satisfaction rating, there is no doubt that it is the best bed bug repellent.

Fabriclear Ingredients

Fabriclear Ingredients

According to some satisfied consumers, FabriClear is the only 100% Natural bed bug repellent that works. It acts so fast and with one spray, all the bed bugs are gone. This is your best line of protection against bed bugs infestation. FabriClear is the only affordable and very convenient anti-bug repellent in the market today.

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Bed Bugs

How to Spot Bed Bugs?

bedbugs pictures

bedbug seam mattress

Identifying bed bugs during inspection is very important. Adult bed bugs are tiny reddish brown in color and they are oval in shape. They have bodies that look like bands as they are segmented like that of the outer shell of a potato bug. Tiny bites on the body alone are not enough to confirm the presence of bed bugs. Other symptoms include bites that are localized bunches or in groups of three. In addition, inflammation and itchiness are prevalent with bed bug bites.

If you can’t spot bed bugs on the naked eye, there could be other symptoms to look for on clothes or mattresses like fecal stains. Inspecting inside and under the couches and mattress often result in finding larger fecal stained areas if there is a lengthy infestation.

What Bed Bugs look like?

bed bugs

Bed bugs sizes

Bed bugs are very small and they almost look like specs of dirt on the mattress. They are flat and almost have no shape to them. After a blood meal, these insects look red. They are sometimes likened to small apple seeds. They are brown, wingless insects.




 Signs of Bed Bug Bites

bed bugs bites examples

where bed bugs bite

Bed bug bites can be recognized easily if you know the signs and symptoms of their bites. The first symptoms include multiple small, flat, reddish or raise wind on the skin which always appears in clustered or linear pattern. The wounds could become itchy and scratching the areas bitten could result to infection. Another sign is consistent bite each night while you are asleep. Other possible signs include tiny blood spots on the bedding materials.

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

bed bugs pictures

Bed Bug Bite Symptoms

Bed bugs bites are like mosquito bites, but they are quite larger. They often appear on the feet, hands, face, and neck. Bed bugs bites are not painful and sometimes not itchy. But, bumps may appear in your skin, and after several days, these bumps may give you an itching or burning sensation. However, symptoms may vary from one person to another. Others who have bed bugs bites may also experience discomfort. If you are experiencing extreme itching or burning sensation, seek for the right solution to treat these bed bugs bites successfully.



How to Find Bed Bugs

bed bug pictures

bed bug found

Bed bugs generally, are parasitic insects which survive by sucking blood of humans and other warm blooded animals. They normally inhabit the homes of their hosts. If you are tired of getting up every morning with red, itchy bumps on several parts of your body, it is about time to get rid of them. But how do you find bed bugs? You can look for bed bug pictures on the web, or witness it right on your own mattress.

How to Look for Bed Bugs?

bed bug found

bed bug size

Bed bugs do not actually feed on waste food like other insects but they do feed on the blood of warm blooded host such as human and animals. The indications you have bed bugs include itchy welts in groups of tree. If you have seen tiny brown or red marks on the linens where you rolled over them, then it is an indication your mattress has been infested with bed bugs.

You should also check the linens, carpet and the entire bed frame because these are also some of the areas where they usually hide.

Where do Bed Bugs live

bed bugs pictures

bed bug amplified

Bed bugs live in areas with a dry and warm climate. Knowing where the bed bugs live and survive can help a lot in dealing with bed bug infestation. They usually hide inside cracks and crevices of footboards and headboards, mattresses, posters and wall pictures, electrical appliances, furniture, carpeting, tack strips and baseboards.

What to do about bed bugs

When there is proof that you have bed bugs at home, take out all the beddings and check for excrements. Check the areas surrounding the bed including the closets, electrical outlets, carpet edges, and even radios and the telephone. When bed bugs presence has been confirmed, you may have to perform a top to bottom cleanup.

FabriClear offer


There are several products to help you to get rid of bed bugs.

One of the most famous and more used is FabriClear.

FabriClear is a natural product, non-toxic so you can use it everywhere with no risk your your health or the health of others. You can also use it in your children’s bed.

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Pictures Of Bed Bugs

bed bug bites found

bed bug bites found

bed bugs bites example

bed bugs bites

bed bugs pictures

bed bugs bites

how bed bugs bite look like

bed bugs bites

bed bug in action

bed bug amplified

Bed bug example

Bed bug example

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